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The AV Cabinet Buying Guide, Part Two: Cable Management.

 cable management spaghetti
"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti." 
- Sofia Loren.

The Audinni AV Cabinet Buying Guide is an occasional series of articles detailing the various technical and aesthetic issues to consider when buying an AV cabinet.

Part Two deals with addressing the issues of cable management.




Whereas design issues such as ventilation and wood/material choice will have a profound effect on the capabilities of an AV cabinet to both preserve and protect your precious AV & Hi-Fi equipment, the issue of cable management presents problems that are functional, but perhaps most importantly, are aesthetic.

Basically...a bad cable management solutions look terrible. There really is no excuse for it.

Worse, if you are serious about your cables and have invested significant amounts of money in your inter-connects, then you do not want to have them damaged by being tugged through small or inappropriate cable holes.

Access to the cable ends & inputs is another important factor. There's nothing like spending an hour trying to input cables effectively blindfolded [or though a small aperture] to enhance your appreciation of a design that makes this a simple process.

INCOGNITO cable management system for av cabinets by Audinni

The INCOGNITO cable management system. Cables are routed direct to the AC power outlet through dedicated channels. 


At Audinni we think about cables. Probably a little too much sometimes. When we design a piece of AV furniture, it's essential to consider cable runs and access to make that design successful.

It's even more important when designing a Bespoke AV cabinet or similar piece. Our preference and ambition is for invisible cabling, and we will either incorparate our INCOGNITO cable management system, or ensure that the design presents a solution that allows all the AV & Hi-Fi peripherals to connect together invisibly. However, often the most important cable connection, [and the cheapest one!] is the AC power cable.

Frankly, it breaks our heart to see a power cable hanging loosely from a wall socket and then running along the floor into the back of one of our pieces of furniture. [Where we are involved in the whole design process, we will often arrange to move AC sockets to ensure the overall effect isn't ruined.]


power cable management crime AV cabinet
AC power cable-management crime


Some simple planning can often avoid visible cable lines, so do please do consider it. We will always discuss this with you to try to find the best solution.


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